Our Quality is your success!

Why VDH ?

Several reasons for choosing VDH plastic greenhouses

  • Construction is carried out exclusively by our own personnel who have many years of experience with our plastic greenhouses.
  • The unique film spanning system and the fact that the film only comes in contact with the construction in a few places guarantees an exceptionally long lifetime for the film.
  • We give 5 years guarantee on materials on our greenhouse constructions, ventilation systems and films.
  • Optimum ventilation capacity for every crop on request.
  • All types can be supplied as double film for energy savings of up to 40%.
  • We guarantee expert advice and easy accessibility during all planning and construction phases, including permanent after sales service.
  • All construction elements of VDH Plastic greenhouses are manufactured according to the highest quality standards to give optimum possibilities for use.
  • Our list of references is proof of the quality and our customer satisfaction. 

Design, construction, project supervision, perfect finish and continual service. With VDH Foliekassen you will be assured of an excellent product, perfect assembly, meticulous planning and long term service.